The Lure

"Trust yourself, you will know how to live" — Goethe


The Lure is sourced from Napa Valley’s legendary Stagecoach Vineyard which is considered one of the most extreme terroirs in the region, as well as fruit from neighboring vineyards.  With an elevation of 1,500 feet, the vines sit above the fog line in the valley’s eastern mountains and soak up long days of sunshine.  The rocky soils provide excellent drainage and the vines are meticulously farmed.  These mountain grapes are intense, concentrated and incredibly complex with ripe tannins and bold fruit. 

The Lure represents the temptation that convinces Dr. Faust to strike his deal with Mephistopheles, his “pact”.  While Coombsville is home, Agustin continues to be lured by vineyards that reveal their own unique expression of Cabernet Sauvignon. 

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